Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Gradient Lips...

The finished look! (Hair down)

Finished look (Hair up) Couldn't decided which one I rathered, haha!

Hey guys, another quick little post!

I bought Kate Moss Lipstick from Rimmel, it's No4, a dark purple, almost black! I bought it to experiment with mainly, then I thought it would be awesome for Halloween. 

I did a quick little look with some gold and lilac colours on the lid, with a mossy green on the lower lash line! I contoured the cheeks, with very dark bronzer and used a lighter BB Cream for the skin, to make the look more dramatic and Halloween-esqe!

To get the gradient lip look, I lined the lips with an eyeko eyeliner pencil in Plum (got to work with what you got, ey?) I then added the Kate Moss lipstick around the edge and I then added Pink Punch from maybelline in the centre of the lip! 

More looks coming soon... Hope you enjoyed :)

Abbie x