Monday, 30 January 2012

J'adore Paris...

Like I said before... I do occasionally like to post a little update of my life on my blog too, not to just have it as a beauty lovers read, but also for you followers to get to know me a little bit...
So, as you know from my older post, where I mentioned a little bit about me and my life so far and where my future is heading, you will know that I have a boyfriend who I have been with for almost two years now. I love him very much, and we are very happy!
Anyway... because our two year anniversary is coming up, we thought we would do something a little special this year, not only have we been together for that long but my boyfriend is also finishing his three year degree in university, so it’s a little break for us to share some time together...

Where are we going? We are going to PARIS!!! (Yaaay!) I love Paris so much, and we have both been there once before, Scott with his family and I went as a college trip. So this time we feel like we can do our own thing, rather than go by a schedule. I am so excited and I can’t wait to take pictures, and MAYBE vlog a little and post it on my youtube channel (which I haven’t posted anything on yet!)

I have a little list of the places I’m dying to go as I’ve heard amazing things about them and I didn’t have the chance to visit them the last time. I will defiantly be taking a trip to Laduree (Click the link for this website, as it is the most adorable website ever!) the ultimately famous brassiere! I will be stuffing my face with Macaroons, and bringing some home as gifts, I hear they taste amazing! I also want to visit the Cafe De Flore, I hear that’s very expensive but the hot chocolate there is supposed to be THE BEST! Also, as part of the package we will be taking the usual tour around all the main attractions, like the Eiffel Tower, The Louvre, Arc De Triumph, Champs Elysees and Notre Dame. I did get to go in the Louvre last time, as I was studying Art in college and I am still interested in art now. I also went right to the top of the Eiffel Tower, which was a little scary but the views were breath taking, I will be doing that again hopefully! We will also be doing a Paris by night tour, which will take us all through Paris to enjoy the attractions all lit up! How romantic?

We will be staying in the Hotel Mercure Paris La Defense 5, it does look very nice, and it is roughly 20 minutes drive from the attractions.

I hope you have enjoyed this post, and I hope it has given you a little help on where to visit if you are going to Paris anytime in the future, it’s such a beautiful place to go and I can not wait!


Abbie x

Hollywood Glamour!

All you need for this look is...
Favourite Lip Liner in a Brick Red/Plum Colour, or in my case my new eyeliner pencil from Eyeko in Plum!
Favourite Mascara, i'm using Makeup Forever Smoky Lash.
Eyelash Curler, mine is form No7
Finally, your favourtie red lippy. I got Maybeline Lipstick (547, Pleasure Me Red)

Firstly, I put on Painterly Paint Pot all over my lids.

Then I added MAC Brule, just a neutral light base colour to stop anything creasing.

And... add your favourite mascara, and LOTS of it! Leave the bottom lashes clear of mascara, or if you don't like that look, add a tiny bit!

Line your lip and colour it in slightly with your lip liner...

Then for the fun bit, add your favourite RED LIPPY!

Hey guys... Just another quick makeup look for you. I love how simple but effective this look, plenty or drama, but so easy to do! 
Hope you like this look, and try it out for yourselves even if it is only for a bit of fun!


Abbie x

Be My Valentine?

I LOVE the colour of the Feburary Valentines Glossybox!

Firstly, let's explain whats in the box...

Murad Skin Perfecting Primer/ Dewy Finish - This is an oil free face and neck primer which ignites a radiant glow, powered by light enhancing minerals. The full size retails at £29.00 for 30ml and with this Glossybox you get 5ml, but it's still a good amount of product.

Eyeko Skinny Eyeliner/Plum - A long lasting finish eye pencil. Full size is £9.50 per pencil, and you get a full size pencil in this months box!

FAB Gentle Body Wash - A moisturising, irritant free everyday body cleanser for even sensitive skin. Full size is £13.00 with a bottle containing 226.8g and this months glossy box contains a bottle with 56.7g of product.

Weleda One Step Cleanser and Toner - Handy two in one pack ideal for travelling. A full size bottle of this would be £9.95 holding 100ml of product, in this glossybox you only get 10ml which I feel is a bit disappointing as the full size product isn't a bad price.

Lastly, Orly Nail Lacquer/Ruby - Full size 18ml retailing at £6.95 and in the glossybox we get a generous 5.3ml. The colour of this nail vanish is FAB, only one coat needed for a good colour pigment!

Plus, I already ate the sweet, oops!!

Hey Beautifuls :)
I hope you like my little overall of the Valentines GLOSSYBOX, I personally think this box is GREAT, and definitely one of the best so far (possibly my favourite) The colour of the box is beautiful and the products inside are even better! Hope you all like your Glossyboxes when they arrive and please comment telling my which products your prefer!


Abbie x

Friday, 27 January 2012

Black Crystalize...

What you will need for this look:
Any Black Eyeliner, I used Collection 200 Extreme Felt Tip Liner.
Black crystals, I got mine from Amazon, they are 1mm Colour Wheel Crystals (they are for nails, but work great on eyes, as they are very small and light)
A Good lengthening mascara, I used Bourjois Fast and Perfect Mascara
A bright Fushia pink lipstick and gloss, I used Sleek MakeUP Lipstick in 'Pink Freeze' and for gloss I used Cargo Lipgloss in Tokyo.

Hey Abbie's Beauties!
I was on youtube, scrolling through my subscription list, and came across a new video from Pixiwoo, I saw this look and thought it was AMAZING! I've never experimented with crystals on the eyes before, so I had to give it a go! This look was SO easy to do, as it only really needs two products for the eyes, black eyeliner and some black crystals. This look is so dramatic but very simple at the same time, and perfect for a night out!
Hope you like this look, and try it out for yourselves!


Abbie x

Sleek Acid i Divine Palette Look #2

Firstly, I used Mac Painterly Paint Pot, all over my lids as a base.

I then applied the raspberry colour from the Sleek Acid i Divine Palette and mixed it with a little 'Sin' from the Urban Decay Naked Palette, to make it more iridescent. 

I then applied, the true purple colour from the Sleek Palette and used a Lauren Luke Pencil brush to apply it on the lower lash line.

Next, I chose the dark grey form the Sleek Palette and used a blending brush to apply it to the outer corner of the eye and into the crease.

I then lined my lids with Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner in Black. I also applied Bourjois Volume Fast and Perfect Mascara in Black.

The finished look!

Hi Beautifuls!
Since I love the Sleek Acid i Divine Palette so much, I thought i would make use of all the colours and do a little Acid Series of makeup looks! So.. this is number two! I hope you like it :)


Abbie x

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Sleek Acid i Divine Palette Look...

What you will need to re-create this look:
Two Blending Brushes
Flat Shader Brush
Eyeliner Brush
Sleek Acid - Divine Palette
Volumising Mascara
Black Kohl Eyeliner Pencil
Mac Paint Pot - Painterly

Hey Guys!
I recently bought a Sleek palette, i've been wanting one for ages, so I thought I would finally get one. I thought it would be wise to try out a neutral colour palette first, as it was my first Sleek Palette. But, I have loads of neutral colour palette, from high end like MAC or just random neutral eyeshadows. So, I thought I would be a bit daring and go for one of the most wild palettes they stock, the Acid i Divine Palette! 
When it arrived in the post I was very excited to see how pigmented the colours were, and i was very surprise, they are intensely pigmented!

I was watching a tutorial, from the youtuber JulieG713 and got inspired by her Intense Blue Shock makeup tutorial, and realised I had the same colours in my new Sleek Palette so I give it a go! It's not something I would often wear on my eyes daily, but I suppose it would be fun for a night out! Just experimenting shall we say!
Hope you like this Post, and I will definalty be checking out some of the other palettes because I am very impressed with this palette!


Abbie x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Converse Crush!

Hey beauties :)
I've been wanting to buy a pair of Converse for ages, but i've never been the type of girl to wear trainers/sneakers. Plus, I could NEVER decide on which colour I wanted. So, I was shopping with the boyfriend, and I spotted a pair, and spur of the moment... I bought some! I thought I would get the Chuck Taylor Lo Tops Converse in Navy as I have little short legs, because I think the high tops seem to make your legs look shorter, and I don't need my legs to be any shorter, haha!  I love the look of them, with Leggings or skinny jeans and a plain white or grey t-shirt. I got a feeling i'll be getting my wear out of these on days where I need to just run around doing errands. 
They are so comfortable and I would advise anyone to buy a pair!


Abbie x

Cute and Liebster Blog Awards...

My blog has been kindly rewarded 'Cute Blog Award' and  'Liebster Award' by Bethany at Keep Moving Forward and Lola at Lola in the loungeI'm very grateful to be awarded these, and i've been totally overwhelmed with the amount of followers i've received since i've started blogging! 
Thank You!


Abbie x

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Me, Myself and Oz!

I purposly set this blog up, as a beauty blog, a place for you followers to come to learn new things and share favourite and not so favourite beauty products with each other... But recently i've been thinking that I would like it to be a place where I can share my thoughts with you on  things that are going on in my life too!
So firstly, I would like you all to know a little bit about me, i'll make this short and sweet. I'm from a little town in Wales, born and bred. I finished high school with good grades and went on to go and study Art and Design, I then got accepted into University to study Fashion Photography, but uni just didn't feel right for me, so that never really happened. I quickly found a job in retail and i'm now earning money to feed my make-up addiction! I don't like my job any more, but these days you cant be fussy!

Here are some of my favourite photography pieces I did in college...

 My Beautiful Loyal friend Sophie on a typical winter day...

 My stunning and wonderful younger sister Laura was often my model...

My two beautiful cousins, Olivia and Elliot, I took a little photoshoot of them in their local park on sunny day...

When Scott (my boyfriend) and I were 'Just Friends'

And... This is last year on our first holiday together! <3

 I have a wonderful boyfriend, and we have been together almost two years, and i'm very happy! We met a few years back and was the best of friends for a very long time, till we finally thought to ourselves 'I like you!' and it went from there! 
As for right now... I'm currently thinking of going to Australia for a few months to a year to visit some family who recently emigrated out there and to hopefully start a life over the other side of the world! 
So, that's me! New posts coming soon...

Abbie x

Thursday, 12 January 2012


Hey everyone!
I've been totally overwhelmed by the amount of followers i've gained in the last few days! I want to thank everyone so much for following me on twitter and my blog! I thought I would thank you all by doing a GIVEAWAY! 

Rules: Follow my blog and follow my twitter too! Simple :)
I will be generating the winner by using so it's all fair!

The winner will be announced on MONDAY 16TH JANUARY and I will direct message you on twitter for your address so I can send your package out to you as soon as I can. Im still not sure what the giveaway product will be, but it will be between MAC, SLEEK or DRUGSTORE!


Abbie x

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Review - Collection 2000 Extreme 24hr Felt Tip Liner.

I have two colours from the range 'Black' and 'Purple'


Also on my eyes... 17 Wild Metallic Eyes - Wild Nude
Mac Pro Palette Eyeshadow - Satin Taupe (over the top of 17 to set it) Naked Lunch/Brule (on the brow bone and inner corner)
                             Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara


Hi Beauty's :)
This is the AMAZING Collection 2000 Extreme Felt Tip Liner! This eyeliner is perfect, it fits in your hand perfectly like a pen which makes application so easy! The size of the product is good for travel too, as it's slim, sleek and will fit perfectly in any handbag or make-up bag. My favourite out of the two is the black, its a matte, very true black! This product comes in four different colours Black, Purple, Dark Blue and Teal, I am yet to try the other two. The colour is so buildable and the applicator allows you to do thin and thick lines, whichever suits your eye shape. It's very fast drying, and the pigmentation lasts all day. This product lasts ages and mine is yet to dry out! 
Best eyeliner of 2011/12 for me!


Abbie x